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Here's where you can find me if i'm online (when i'm not on DeviantArt):

YouTube: NitroLightningFlare

Serebii: NitroLightningFlash (you need own Serebii account to see this page!!)
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Soon i'll be uploading a LOT of my old pictures that i drew back in 2012 (maybe some from even before), so your messages box will have an awful lot of things from me so sorry i don't mean to spam, but i think i should reupload my old work, thanks to one of my friends on here persuading me to do it yesterday. He said even though it was old, it was still my work after all.

I agree with him kind of, since nobody wants to only see shiny Pokemon news from me since that's not why some people followed me to start with, or what people enjoyed from me. It was my drawings and designing YouTube backgrounds/icons (the old YouTube layout backgrounds that is) that people liked, not shiny hunting ^^;

Just had to warn people (you can ignore them/delete them when they show up if you want :3)

Those who find my shiny Pokemon uploads interesting though, don't worry i'll still be doing those too. Yes that indeed means i'm going to be on here uploading all kinds of things like i used to (minus the old YouTube background designs i made of course-once YouTube changed, i kind of deleted all those, but i can still change it to YouTube banners instead now).

Desktop backgrounds will still be made by me too (i have a couple of desktop backgrounds up at the moment that i did a while back) ^^

That's all information for now and thank you for understanding (if you read this) and sorry again for uploading so many things at once :P

~ Sparkle

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CrescentSparkle Featured By Owner 2 hours ago
Wow all these favorites that i have got so far today from me just reuploading old work-thank you so much everyone ;-;
ZappingPikachu Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Hello there dear been a long time hope your doing ok
CrescentSparkle Featured By Owner 9 hours ago
I'm good thanks! Will be getting to work on your icon soon, though i warn you again, i need to get back into the swing of doing desktop backgrounds so may take a while to finish it ^^;
Awakentheemblem Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Oops stupid auto correct
meant to be wurmple
CrescentSparkle Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2015
Oh haha it's okay i knew what you meant ^^
Any luck on your shiny Lopunny yet? :3

I myself was pretty lucky today as in Omega Ruby (about an hour ago now-just waiting for my camera to charge up so i can take the photo of it) i got a shiny Latios (that part on the island with Steven Stone), i was only soft-resetting for perfect three IV's in HP, Sp. Attack and Speed, but i 'accidentally' got a shiny one after 50-100 soft-resets, i was so shocked as i haven't shiny hunted in so long (over a year now) and i wasn't expecting it.

Unfortunately though; even though he is the right nature (Timid as i used a Synchronizer at the front of my party) and has mainly good IV's (ALL of them are 30-31) they're all good EXCEPT for the most important stat-Speed 3: )

i'm still shocked to be honest-but they say the best shinies are the ones we don't expect i guess and today was one of them ^^''

I also soft-resetted for a Naive natured (again with Synchronise) Cosplay Pikachu with max IV's in Attack, Sp. Attack and Speed (which i got in like 15 minutes, but i could have a max stat in Sp. Defense with Pikachu as well as it still says 30-31), oh well i'll just have to see haha xD

Also yes i know Pikachu's not the best, but i wanted to get good IV's so i could use her for fun online in Battle Spot and such haha ^^
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